By the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011, the coastal area of northern Japan was devastated. Estimates now put the total count for dead and missing at over 20,000, and over 400,000 people have lost their homes as a result of the earthquake and tsunami. We are grateful that the international community acted quickly and is sending specialists, assistance, and supplies. But it will take years for the earthquake-hit coastal area to rebuild and restore itself to its former state. There are children lost their home and parents.

In Japan, a thousand origami paper cranes, SEMBAZURU, is the traditional symbol of hope and peace. We encourage people recovering from diseases and disasters with a thousand of cranes collected through threads to let them know that they are cared.
We would like you to participate to fold paper cranes in honor and support of the earthquake victims. You can post your messages and the photo of your orizuru here, and let the afflicted people know that you care. Collecting orizuru one by one, then SEMBAZURU will be gained.


Find the instruction how to make an orizuru. > Download the instruction (PDF).


If you want to donate money to the people recovering from the disasters, please contact your national organizations of Red Cross / Crescent society, World Vision, and Children in Crisis. Thank you.



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